The World Gold Council


As co-founder at GoldSafe I have chosen to commence this report chain with material from an organisation with which I have a very long association, the World Gold Council.  It is an organisation designed solely to deliver accurate and unbiased factual information about gold and answer any questions an interested party may have.  Man long ago decided Gold was money in its purest form and love it or hate it, we are never likely to change that

And yet it is so much more to us as we reach for the stars and look to the future.  Pushing the boundaries of science and technology we find the physical properties of Gold make it even more unique and valuable.  Gold doesn’t just support the very concept of wealth, it now provides the building blocks of our future. The noble metal and the human race appear to be intrinsically linked and the relationship only grows stronger as we look forward.  The first Q report for 2016 from the World Gold Council is contained herein.