G7: Global financial crisis warnings must be heeded

GoldSafe believes the individual investor cannot rely on the state to protect them from what is on the horizon.  According to Shinzo Abe, while addressing the G7 yesterday, the world is on the precipice of another global financial crisis for which conventional tools will be ineffective.  Too big to fail is the first thing that comes to mind.  To think we have done anything significant since Lehman’s and 2008 is rather sanguine.  There have been no significant changes to the global economy whatsoever, we have stumbled on in vain; simply doing more of the same.


What we have also done is print more money, this has not addressed the failings of most of the worlds developed and developing economies.  Where we go from here is at best uncertain, and at GoldSafe we strongly believe diversity of portfolios is important and gold ownership in the GoldSafe program is the only viable option for the individual to protect wealth and assets.


Mark Carney, Governor of The Bank of England, intimated recently that he has nothing available left to play with.  As far as most central bankers are concerned they agree with him; for them all that is left to do is keep the patient on life support.  If a cardiac arrest occurs??