Random Violence And Political Instability — The New Normal

Terrorists and other crazies have figured out that they don’t need guns or bombs. Trucks, axes and machetes will do just fine. Meanwhile, political parties around the world are imploding or otherwise descending into chaos. Welcome to the new normal, where excessive debt makes the old ways of muddling through impossible. Advice on how to invest for the inevitable financial turmoil is contained herein. GoldSafe, the real alternative.  Small events can take on great significance. One sleepy summer nine years ago, the French bank BNP Paribas suspended trading in three of its money-market funds. The announcement caused a tremor in financial markets.

but raised barely an eyebrow elsewhere. Little more than a fortnight later, trading was resumed. Maybe, just maybe, someone at BNP thought that would be the end of the story. They can’t have thought that historians would take that initial announcement on 7 August 2007 as the start of the credit crunch. The suspension of trade was such an unusual move, and came as the worries over subprime mortgages had built to a critical point. Trust in the financial system eroded, then crumbled entirely.